Personal Contract Hire is a specifically designed product for those customers for whom ownership is not important and just want to use the vehicle. The vehicle remains the property of Renault Financial Services and you would return it at the end of the agreed contractual term.

How Personal Contract Hire works

1. Advance Rental - Select an advance rental, which is a multiple of the monthly rental. Alternatively, you can put in a ‘lump sum’ of your choice.

2. Choose term/mileage - Your dealer will calculate your monthly rentals based on your chosen length of contract (24 - 48 months terms are available) and the mileage you expect to cover during the contract.

3. End of Contract - Simply return the vehicle to Renault Financial Services.

*Subject to any excess mileage charges and damages which exceeds fair wear and tear.

Benefits of Personal Contract Hire

Simple hire agreement, similar to daily car rental but just over a longer term.

No ownership option = no worries about depreciation or selling the vehicle at the end of the contract.

Optional servicing, maintenance and tyres plans available.

Renault Financial Services pay for the Road Fund Licence costs over the life of the contract which is an automated process, no customer action required.