manage your Account ONLINE

It’s easy to manage your Finance Agreement online. Activating your account only takes a few moments – and once your secure login is confirmed, you’ll be able to start enjoying the benefits:

Update your Personal details
Update your Address details
Change the account your direct debit is paid from 
Change your payment date
Check your outstanding balance and view your statement
Make payments and recieve confirmation by email


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Renault Finance is a trading name for RCI Financial Services Limited, so the app and portal you are about to login to are wearing RCI Financial Services colours, but you will find all your Renault Finance agreement(s) there.


Go paperless

When you activate your account, you can also choose to go paperless. You’ll have all your finance documentation securely stored online, with e-mail notifications each time a new document is available. No more dealing with paper copies, giving you even more convenience when managing your agreement.

Why not try our brand new App? You can now manage all agreements at your fingertips, wherever you are, with the RCI Connect app. Check out our latest offers, update your profile anytime or use the handy parking recorder so you will never lose your new Renault again. And as a thank you, we are giving you special offers only available in the app.

How to activate your online Renault Finance account


Get our App: RCI Connect UK